Vipal Europe


Vipal is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tire retread and tire repair products, present in over 90 countries. Its main european office is located in Valencia, Spain.


Creating a direct communication channel with the truck drivers community in Spain and Portugal; increasing brand awareness.


We Are Marketing proposed a social media strategy based on 4 main pillars:

1. Product awareness

2. Environmental & social awareness

3. Travelling tips for drivers

4. Pastimes (polls, quizzes, etc.)

My responsibilities included: defining the social media visual style guide, creating static & video posts (5 publications a week), creative direction in the upselling proposals

Vipal FNVI Campaign – billboard

1. Feria Nacional de Vehiculo Industrial Campaign


Vipal is going to be present at the II Feria Nacional del Vehículo Industrial (FNVI), initially scheduled for the 25th and 26th of April.* The main goal of the campaign is to increase brand awareness and foot traffic (attract visitors to the Vipal booth).

I was responsible for creating the creative concept for the campaign, and its adaptations for the 3 stages: pre-event, event and post-event. The concept aims to transmit the 3 principles of the Vipal brand:

1) being client-oriented, worrying about their security and good experience on the road;

2) being a reliable travel companion in all their travels;

3) being a source of motivation and inspiration to keep moving forward.

Copy: Sara Rodriguez Borlado, Beatriz García 

* The event got rescheduled due to the COVID-19 crisis

2. Facebook video-post examples:

“Preparados para vencer” – part of a social media strategy responding to the COVID-19 crisis
“Poner cara a nuestros heroes” – part of a social media strategy responding to the COVID-19 crisis
“Distancia de seguridad” – environmental & social awareness pillar
Example of the “¿Sabias que…?” series – environmental & social awareness pillar
“RE de Vipal: Reducir, Reciclar, Reutilizar” – environmental & social awareness pillar