Signage & wayfinding system + illustrations for Tarnów Municipal Museum

Tarnow main square

Tarnów Municipal Museum is a multi-branch cultural institution, with regional divisions located in the city of Tarnów and smaller surrounding towns. Its main building, located on the picturesque Main Square, houses the permanent collection, presenting the rich history of the city of Tarnów and its cultural heritage. The museum is currently undergoing a major renovation and is expected to re-open in 2020.


The conceptual design and scenario of the permanent exhibition was prepared by Koza Nostra Studio. I was responsible for developing a wayfinding system for the museum building. Another task consisted of preparing various illustrations for the interactive route, designed specially for the youngest visitors of Tarnów Museum.


In collaboration with Koza Nostra’s architects we have decided to use various types of static and digital signage, depending on the wall structure and lighting in each exhibition room. The process included creating a personalized set of icons. The linear illustrations on magnets and pillows form a part of a storytelling experience for children. Kids are welcome to play and explore Tarnów’s rich historical heritage on their own.

— Architectural visualizations courtesy of Koza Nostra Studio