Wall murals for Stara Ujezdzalnia shopping mall


Stara Ujezdzalnia is a shopping mall and leisure complex in Jaroslaw, Poland. The name – which translates to “The Old Equestrian Arena” – is a tribute to the old horse riding school, located previously in the same area. Jaroslaw used to be a well known mercantile center, thanks to its fortunate location – on a crossroads of two major trade routes. Stara Ujezdzalnia aims to recall the rich history and tradition of the town.



The client wanted to decorate the garage & hallway walls with murals, encouraging shoppers to visit the main leisure and activity areas of the mall, as well as promoting selected stores with local food products and artisanally produced goods. It was also very important to the client that we keep in mind the horse riding motifs, present in the interior design of the complex.


For this project I teamed up with 2 other graphic designers – Magda Maruszka and Ola Maniara. Together we developed the general look & feel of the project:

01. The colour palette – we have chosen old gold & oxidized copper (both inspired by the local architecture and the industrial character of the place) as dominating colors, complemented by lively accents

02. Typography – our font of choice, Erazm, was inspired by books from the ’30s from Poland

03. Illustration style – to give the project a historical, handmade touch we have decided to use old engravings

After establishing the main rules each of us have focused on a different set of murals. My part of the project included 4 long murals: Bawialnia (Kids’ Playground), Silownia (Gym), Dziekujemy za zakupy (Thank you for shopping), Kino na biegunach (Cinema) and 1 smaller corner mural – Zapraszamy na zakupy (Welcome to the mall).

I was responsible for preparing the design & print ready files. All murals got printed on PVC boards, with satin finish.

— Architectural visualizations courtesy of the developer—