Mateyko Apartments – branding set

Branding & web design for Mateyko Apartments

Mateyko Apartments is a recently renovated suite, located in an 18th-century tenement house. It is situated right in the center of the old jewish quarter of Kraków – Kazimierz, famous for its rich historical and cultural heritage.


I was asked by Mateyko’s owner to create a visual identity for his business, reflecting its main characteristics – just like the city of Kraków it’s a place where “the past meets the present”.


The name of the suite, chosen by its owner, commemorates one of Kraków’s most notable citizens – Jan Matejko, known mostly for paintings of important historical Polish political and military events. My first attempts at designing the logo revolved around the subject of art and Matejko’s influence on polish history and culture.

After the initial investigation I have decided to follow a different path, choosing a key for the logo mark. This ordinary object has a symbolic meaning – a privileged access to an exciting and unique adventure in the city of Kraków.

Brand applications included: a basic set of stationary for the apartment’s guests, a welcome letter and a TV channel list, as well as a short manual/booklet about the suite and its surroundings. I have also designed and programmed the website for Mateyko Apartments – an one-page layout featuring a photo gallery, an easily accessible list of facilities and a booking form.

— Photos courtesy of Grzegorz Dąbek