Branding for Comoda fashion swap


Thesis: “Corporate identity for Comoda fashion swap, promoting barter exchange of clothing and sustainable fashion.”

I have decided to convert my growing interest in sustainable fashion into my BFA diploma project: developing and promoting a fashion swap brand, Comoda.


1. Communicating the brand’s principles (sustainability and collaborative character) through its visual identity

2. Reaching the right audience, people interested in giving their clothes a second life


Offering a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to fast-fashion and overconsumption of clothes.


Comoda empowers people to take action and support the conservation of the environment without sacrificing style, by providing them with a platform to exchange pre-loved fashion items within their local communities.


Sustainable, Responsible, Collaborative

Competitors benchmark – logos
Logo benchmark – competitors

After a few intense brainstorming & mind mapping sessions I have decided on the name “Comoda” (meaning a “chest of drawers” in Polish), which is supposed to be read as co-moda, “our-fashion”, signalling the social aspect of barter-based events.

Comoda-logo 1st attempts
Logo – first sketches

My main inspiration for the logo design was a simple wire hanger, which in the process was given a little makeover. All the letters, laser-cut in black plexiglass, were present in the promotional campaign (they also served as actual hangers during the event).

In the fashion world black and white never fails – I have opted for a monochrome black & white palette, for two main reasons: 1) Black & white printing is a better option for the environment; 2) It allows last-minute additional printing, if more tags or leaflets are needed.

Keeping in mind the idea of sustainability all Comoda’s posters (doubling as flyer holders) got printed on canvas, which allows them to be used repeatedly. The flyer itself contains all the basic rules of the event: date, maximum number of pieces of clothing/accessories per person and a reminder about washing and ironing.

Clothing tags, prepared for the participants of Comoda swap, include an important reminder about the non-profit-making character of the event.

Comoda – tags

Considering the local character of the event I have decided to focus on word of mouth marketing, spreading the word via social media, regional forums and online platforms devoted to swapping clothes.

The offline part of the campaign included hanging several posters at the local universities and vintage stores.

Comoda’s social media campaign featured quite a few brand ambassadors (male & female), who agreed to spread the word around their friends and families

In 2014 I hosted and co-organised 3 editions of Comoda Fashion Swap, including 1 Junior edition.

comoda ambassadors
Brand ambassadors
comoda social media
Social media content
First event