Aleksandra Koson – view on different devices

Aleksandra Koson – web design


Aleksandra Koson is a Polish artist currently based in Kraków, Poland. She is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland and Central Saint Martins in London, UK. Aleksandra works in the media of painting, printmaking, drawing and photography. Her art focuses primarily on the areas of place, nostalgia and memory. Landscape is the main source of inspiration for her work.


In 2017 Aleksandra requested help with creating a portfolio website for her upcoming graduation exhibition at Central Saint Martins – an event attended by various art market professionals and enthusiasts, giving the young artists an opportunity for networking.


The design aims to be a perfect picture frame: showcasing the artist’s work, enhancing its unique character, while remaining non-intrusive. Aleksandra’s website is divided into a few main sections, containing the essential information about the artist, her background and achievements. Home page features thumbnails of her works, divided into a few main collections. Each category has its separate sub-page, with detailed information about the specific pieces.

“It was one of the best decisions to let Aga design my website. It looks professional and unique and that helped me stand out from other artists. It attracts the attention of clients, curators and gallery owners.”

— Aleksandra Koson