Akcja SOS – outdoor poster

Akcja SOS – marketing campaign & web design

Akcja SOS Uczelnie Schroniskom is a non-profit initiative helping animal shelters in Krakow (Poland) area, organized by research workers and students of local universities. Akcja SOS has been held annually since 2004. During the months of November and December all volunteers collect donations (money, food, blankets, toys) and organize associated events, helping raise awareness for homeless animals.


Akcja SOS’ collaborative character definitely brought a few challanges. All materials prepared for the volunteers had to be easily accessible at any time (new universities might join the initiative later on), available for printing on a simple home/office printer. 


A “DIY starter pack” included: an ID badge, posters prepared in 2 standard formats – A4 and A3 (bigger sizes prepared on request, depending on a sponsor), donation box stickers and a t-shirt. By the end of every week the volunteers were also provided with a poster-summary of the current donation status.


During the 2016 edition Akcja SOS partnered with Contact Dogs, animal behaviour consultants, who contributed to the cause by offering their services. Every animal owner, who decided to adopt a pet from one of the animal shelters involved, would get a special discount coupon for the workshops and private consultations with a behaviourist.


The online campaign for Akcja SOS featured banners published on the websites of partnered universities and supporting media outlets. We focused also on improving the quality (visually and content-wise) of the existing Facebook and Instagram channels. In 2016 I helped with creating a basic strategy and a content calendar for the upcoming weeks. Akcja SOS’s followers would get frequent updates from the donation points, information about new sponsors and partners, associated events etc. Our biggest success was a series of posts featuring animals currently available for adoption – the images were widely shared by our followers and some of the pets actually found a new home.


Akcja SOS’ website was without a doubt their weakest link – chaotic, with very little information about the initiative and who stands behind it. In 2017 I have redesigned and programmed their new web page. Since for any non-profit organizations full transparency is a key factor of success my main goal was to improve the accessibility and quality of the information provided. Currently the website features a complete “About us” section, an interactive timeline of previous editions, short biography notes of all coordinators, and a map of collection points.

— Photos courtesy of Paweł Dudzik —