Reebok Sports Club

My role:


Responsive web design (UI)

Assisting in the UX workshops

Reebok Sports Club is one of the most well-known gyms in Madrid, Spain. It currently has two locations: an urban fitness center on Serrano street, in the heart of the vibrant business district, and a country-club-style gym complex in La Finca. With a wide range of classes and sports activities, fully equipped SPA and a healthy restaurant menu, RSC is a perfect place to get your body and mind in shape.



In the last quarter of 2019 We Are Marketing was hired by Reebok Sports Club to redesign their website. The main goal was to improve the general usability of the website, increase conversion rates and introduce e-commerce for selected services. 


The main pain points indicated by the client and confirmed by the UX audit conducted by our team were: 


  • website not adapted to mobile devices 
  • poor handling of the timetables: hard to find online, available only in a pdf format, not always up to date 
  • no possibility of booking the classes online 
  • lack of visibility of the personnel/trainers
  • limited info about each class 
  • no news/updates section informing about the punctual activities, events, tournaments etc. 



WAM’s User Experience team prepared two personas – one per each location of the sports center, based on the user data shared by the client: 

Manuel Vilar – 45 years old, married with children, high purchase power, booking classes for himself (tennis) and for his family


• NEEDS: to be up to date about events/tournaments, good customer service and easy court booking system, parking & restaurant;


• WORRIES: availability of the courts, schedule compatibility (adults/kids), quality of the services and facilities. 

Alba Cano – 29 years old, single, mid-high purchase power, looking for high-intensity classes around her workplace


• NEEDS: excellent customer service, information about the trainers, clear pricing system, mobile friendly platform;


• WORRIES: schedule conflicts, location, quality of the classes and facilities, price/quality ratio. 



After establishing the general look & feel with the help of Ricardo Vilardi (lead designer of the project), I prepared the UI designs, based on the wireframes provided by Dani Riera and Sara Gómez. 


  • The new RSC page was based on Symphony CMS, to facilitate content management and updates of the news/blog sections 
  • Since the facilities of the gym are their main selling point I tried to make the best use of the available photos, by using them as module backgrounds & adding image galleries whenever possible. 
  • I created a basic design system for the website: the design is modular and based on reusable components

Client Area and Payment System


Page visitors could log in/register as clients directly on the website. In the Client Area they could edit their profile details, as well as purchase or change the type of their gym membership. While logged in they could also book the classes, tournaments and buy the SPA treatments. RSC page was equipped with an online payment system, allowing the members to pay by card or set up a recurring payment within their bank account.



The RSC team prides itself on the great customer experience they provide. Their goal was to build communities around their sports centers and give personalized attention to every single client. We helped them to do so by making the trainers more approachable – we created a detailed profile for each employee, informing the public about their skills, education & training, classes they give, schedules, personal Spotify playlists etc.



The client requested that we pay particular attention to the Crossfit section – it was one of the client-favorites, bringing lots of new customers specifically to their studios. It gained direct access from the main navigation menu, splitting into three separate pages:

  • a generic Crossfit landing page, presenting the main characteristics of the sport and featuring a small glossary at the bottom of the page
  • specific Crossfit Box pages for each RSC location, with princing and trainer information



Class timetables were presented in a weekly calendar view, with a possibility of filtering either by type of activity or trainer. The general view would contain all the basic info about every class (time, location, trainer). Logged-in users could book the class directly from the detail modal. The whole schedule could be also downloaded in a pdf format.

SPA Area


Another very important section was the SPA & Beauty area, accessible from the main navigation menu, and split into three subcategories: hydrotherapy, treatments and hair salon. Logged-in clients could purchase them directly from the web page, in the desired location (all services were available in both RSC centers).

Kids Activities


This part of the website was dedicated to the children's sports and activities, including the timetables, pricing, inscription sheets and basic info about the facilities in each RSC center.